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ŠVANC LUČA - queer, organic, fair T-Shirts & Accessories

ŠVANC LUČA, pronounced as [ˈʃvant͜slʊt͜ʃɐ], is a courageous and vanguard statement, pointing to out-dated, categorizing mindsets and behaviour.

By wearing the brand ŠVANC LUČA you're protesting indirectly but offensively against out-dated ways of thinking for distinguishing human beings. The use of categorizing mindsets needs to be constrained and eventually annihilated in order to free society of judgmental categories like sexual orientation, religion, (ethnic) origins, etc.

The Viennese label ŠVANC LUČA hopes to become obsolete in future. As long as this status of complete equality is not part of our society’s shared beliefs, there's a need for ŠVANC LUČA.

Using "Schwanzlutscher" – the German word for "cocksucker", a swearword insulting gay men – as a brand name humorously twists the derogative term into one that shows the bearer's self-reflection, conscious actions and open-mindedness.

It's time to show the way.

The T-Shirts are made of organic cotton and sweatshop free.
Printed with GOTS certified ink – in Europe.
Certifications: Part of „Fairwear Foundation“ (Corporate Social Responsibility), GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO-TEX®, REACH